How to find the right bridal hair accessory for your hair type

Have you ever wondered what bridal hair accessories works well in your hair?  This is a question I get asked all the time as Brides prepare for their trials. Hair colour is an important factor to take in to consideration when choosing your hair accessories.


Some accessories like small dainty clips and pins can get lost in blonde hair and not be seen this is because they blend in to the hair to much. In this case, if you want sparkle I would advise going with a bold statement piece, if that is to much go with a traditional hair slides or comb and create a focus point around your veil. Alternative try flowers, fresh or silk always one of my favourite. Due Blonde hair having lot of definition due to different Highlight natural or through a colouring process some style work better than others, I my experience blonde hair works with the BoHo chic styles. 


A Gitzy accessories always work amazing in Dark hair , unlike blonde hair Dark hair has little definition so need hair accessories to bring it alive, so dainty little pins work well as it break up the style, However  A dramatic one side headband look amazing. Remember to get your hairdresser to hide the band on the opposite side to give the illusion of a Hair Broach. Dark hair always works with with a sleek elegant style such as a Chignon or a Low sleek bun, allowing the hair to have a shine, 


Brunettes, Fresh or silk flowers work well as well as a Glitz ahead piece. Following the advise above if your majority dark follow the dark advise, if you have Highlights think about how small the pins are. Why not look at a Gypsophila ( Baby’s Breath). This is defiantly on of my favourite hair accessories, it a natural beauty, bring a hair style together with out being to Bold and Bright, why not   Think about adding a few high light this will help with definition? 

Red head

Are you a Red Heads?  I would go with a natural product avoiding glitz.  Vintage hair accessories work well such as a birdcage veil, pearls or lace. A vintage looks with a red head either up with a sleek chignon or down with some soft finger weave curls added a vintage head band to create a stunning look 

Always remember when choosing your bridal hair style and accessories look at image with your hair colour. When you see a style on dark hair and you love it, it will never look the same on blonde hair and you will possible be disappointed.

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