Basic Wedding Skincare routine

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When you are getting ready for your big day we take the time to loose some weight and get our body ready for the big day however we do neglect our skin, i am here to help, i am going to take you through a full basic skin care routine


The first step in a basic skincare routine is washing your skin. I know it sound simple and i am sure you all do this, Ideally, you want to be using a cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This is to ensure that you remove all the dirt and grime from the day, it is advised by dermatologists to double cleansing in the evening to get rid of all impurities.

Recommended Cleansers,

Smoothing Cleansers

Dermatologist-approved for all skin types, this multi-award-winning cleanser is your daily reset – designed to wake you up in the morning and remove makeup and impurities at the end of your day.

Clear Skies
Expertly formulated for blemish-prone skin, this powerful, water-activated powder refines, clarifies and smooths complexions.

Packed with powerful plant actives, the formula will transform into a soft and creamy foam with just a few drops of water.


Serums contains Vitamin C are used to Brighten your complex. Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and helps slow early aging by boosting Collagen, add into you morning skincare routine with a moisturiser and sunscreen (always). If you do have sensitive skin please be careful it can be irritating when you first start using it. If this is the case, aim for a serum with a lower percentage and then build up.

Recommended Products


Boosting radiance, evening out skin tone, and showing dark spots the door, this revolutionary brightening serum takes skin from run down to recharged.


When incorporate exfoliators in to your skincare routine it will make the biggest difference. There are so many different products that give you this effect, so you’re going to want to add these products to your routine based on your individual skincare needs. Some exfoliators i recommend are

Face smooth

Unlike other exfoliators that can be drying and aggressive, this certified-organic formula uses gentle bamboo silica spheres to buff, as well as fatty acid-filled macadamia oil and vitamin E to replenish any moisture loss. Even sensitive skin won’t feel tight or overworked.

A twist of sweet orange, lemon and lime essential oils creates an invigorating aroma that leaves you feeling pepped up and ready to go.

Fruit Peel

We’ve used an intelligent trio of alpha, beta, and polyhydroxy acids in this powerful formula. Derived from fresh fruit, the acids exfoliate at different levels due to their varying molecular size (which also means less sensitivity), effectively removing build-up and boosting cell renewal.

Juices greens

Enriched with a dewy cocktail of polyhydroxy and alpha hydroxy acids to hydrate, gently exfoliate and improve the absorption of the products you apply afterwards, it’s expertly crafted for even the most sensitive skin types. 

Plus, if there’s any dirt and impurities you’ve missed when cleansing, this will mop them up with ease and leave you with smoother, more refined skin.

Spot Treat

Now that you’ve got some of the basics down, you may want to add an extra serum or two for spot treatment.

Ocean Dive

Working with your skin to unclog and exfoliate, this serum travels deep into pores, gently removing any excess sebum, dirt and bacteria to prevent breakouts and balance your complexion.


Moisturising is essential port of Your Skincare routine. With so may on the market you need to get one targeted for your skin I recommend

Skin feast

Carefully formulated with everyone’s skin health in mind, we’ve freshly squeezed over 20 flower, plant and seed extracts into this enriching, silky formula.

A bestseller for a reason, this everyday essential brightens, hydrates and protects your complexion.

Fresh waves

Using 100% naturally derived ingredients, the rebalancing formula works to protect and nourish your skin’s microbiome.  

While prebiotics stabilise sebum levels and defend against blemish-causing bacteria, blue spirulina refines pore appearance and blueberry seed extract brightens.

With a cream-gel texture that’s instantly absorbing, cooling and soothing, it’s ideal for anyone who struggles with spots.

Skin Re leaf

This silky moisturiser provides instant and long-term relief by helping to restore your skin barrier, soothe inflammation, and reduce redness. Blended with nature’s greatest greens, it’s ideal for anyone prone to redness or rosacea, as well as skin that’s dry, ultra-sensitive from over exfoliation, irritated or sunburnt. 


Finally we have to take SPF, we can do all the hard work with the skincare are but if we aren”t wearing skincare everyday ( even in the rain) you are going to undo all your hard work

Now that you’ve got your wedding skincare routine down, you’re ready for your special day!


How to prepare for your wedding morning

Prepare for your wedding morning actually start the night before.  Getting an early night is important, the excitement and nerves will be running high so it may take longer to drift off than normal, so head to bed early in order to get the best night possible.  Avoid drink to much,  a couple with your bridal party to steady you nerves, may help you sleep but to much will lead to a broken night sleep and feeling rough in that morning. 

What to eat

Don’t forgot to eat, you may not feel like eating due to feel anxious or excited,  but it’s important that you have breakfast to get you through the day. Try something light like fresh fruit, pastries or bits to nibble on thought out the morning. 

What should I wear? wearing lightweight floaty, button up PJ’s and robes, will help you have no clothing marks on your skin and you don’t have to take the clothing over your head once you’ve had your hair and makeup done, 

Allow extra time on the morning will just allow for a relaxing stress free morning no bride wants to feel rushed out of the door if time runs over. We aim to be ready hour before the ceremony begins this is so you can be relaxed and ready , allowing time to enjoy being with your bridal party rather than rushing at the last minute. Remembering to schedule time for the first look with your dad or  bridesmaids, handing out gifts or simply just having a glass of bubbly before you go. 

Getting ready

When we arrive please make sure at least two people (one for hair and one for makeup), so we can get started with the bridal prep on time. Bridal prep usually start early  but we only do this so that we can can allow rime for extras but still make the experience relaxing  and enjoyable for everyone 

We start with your bridesmaid and other members of your bridal party first, then they are ready before you so they’re on hand to help the jewellery dresses etc.

Before having you makeup apply please make sure your skin is clean and prepped, making sure you have cleaned your teeth, you will be amazed at the amount of brides who forget. As the bride your makeup will be done second to last then off to hair last.  


What working out timing for the morning of you wedding, We allow 30 minutes per service per person,  if there are two stylist on the day this will half the time as two member will be bridal part in the chair at the same time, if there are more than 4 people we allow an extra 30 minutes to allow for toilet breaks, eat breaks, general chit chat breaks, as well as the extra dressing hour at the end of the Bridal prep, 

Now it finally time for the dress, we will stay with you till you till you are ready to leave, we will be on hand to help you in to your dress even help with fastening it up, with years for experience correctly fast up you dress if you designated bridesmaid or mother is having a moment. We can get you to a point and they can take over to get “the shot “ your require for your album,  we also proved child care, help with shoes, jewellery, even during off you flowers (yes this need to be done).


  • Mums your flowers go on your right and upside down,  (because we area always right)
  • Make unsure you have removed any bobble off your wrists, best not to but them on in the first place to avoid marks 
  • Flower to flower – hold you flowers down in-front of your flower this is the idea place for you photos 

And now the time has come to leave the room. In a relaxed, but a little nervous state, your registrar will have been to chat to you explained what is going to happen. And all the legal bit has been sign off. Now has come time to say I DO, remember take your time, enjoy every moment and relax.

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How to find the right bridal hair accessory for your hair type

Have you ever wondered what bridal hair accessories works well in your hair?  This is a question I get asked all the time as Brides prepare for their trials. Hair colour is an important factor to take in to consideration when choosing your hair accessories.


Some accessories like small dainty clips and pins can get lost in blonde hair and not be seen this is because they blend in to the hair to much. In this case, if you want sparkle I would advise going with a bold statement piece, if that is to much go with a traditional hair slides or comb and create a focus point around your veil. Alternative try flowers, fresh or silk always one of my favourite. Due Blonde hair having lot of definition due to different Highlight natural or through a colouring process some style work better than others, I my experience blonde hair works with the BoHo chic styles. 


A Gitzy accessories always work amazing in Dark hair , unlike blonde hair Dark hair has little definition so need hair accessories to bring it alive, so dainty little pins work well as it break up the style, However  A dramatic one side headband look amazing. Remember to get your hairdresser to hide the band on the opposite side to give the illusion of a Hair Broach. Dark hair always works with with a sleek elegant style such as a Chignon or a Low sleek bun, allowing the hair to have a shine, 


Brunettes, Fresh or silk flowers work well as well as a Glitz ahead piece. Following the advise above if your majority dark follow the dark advise, if you have Highlights think about how small the pins are. Why not look at a Gypsophila ( Baby’s Breath). This is defiantly on of my favourite hair accessories, it a natural beauty, bring a hair style together with out being to Bold and Bright, why not   Think about adding a few high light this will help with definition? 

Red head

Are you a Red Heads?  I would go with a natural product avoiding glitz.  Vintage hair accessories work well such as a birdcage veil, pearls or lace. A vintage looks with a red head either up with a sleek chignon or down with some soft finger weave curls added a vintage head band to create a stunning look 

Always remember when choosing your bridal hair style and accessories look at image with your hair colour. When you see a style on dark hair and you love it, it will never look the same on blonde hair and you will possible be disappointed.

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